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Boondocks Season 1

  • E1 - The Garden Party
  • E2 - The Trial of R Kelly
  • E3 - Guess Hoes Coming to Dinner
  • E4 - Granddads Fight
  • coming soon - A Date With the Health Inspector
  • E6 - The Story of Gangstalicious
  • E7 - A Huey Freeman Christmas
  • coming soon - The Real
  • coming soon - The Return of the King
  • E10 - The Itis
  • coming soon - Lets Nab Oprah
  • E12 - Riley Wuz Here
  • coming soon - Wingmen
  • E14 - The Block is Hot
  • E15 - The Passion of Ruckus
  • Boondocks Season 2

  • coming soon - Or Die Trying
  • coming soon - Tom, Sarah and Usher
  • coming soon - Thank You for Not Snitching
  • coming soon - Stinkmeaner Strikes Back
  • coming soon - The Story of Thugnificent
  • E6 - Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch
  • E7 - Shinin'
  • E8 - Ballin'
  • coming soon - Invasion of the Katrinians
  • coming soon - Home Alone
  • coming soon - The S-Word
  • coming soon - The Story of Catcher Freeman
  • coming soon - The Story of Gangstalicious Part 2
  • E14 - The Hunger Strike
  • E15 - The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show
  • coming soon - An Apocalypse to Remember
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    <-- SEASON 3 Now Available on DVD

    This is the Boondock's most controversial season yet. The basic scenario is in place--pint-sized activist Huey Freeman (Regina King), brother Riley (also King), and his easy-to-anger grandfather (John Witherspoon) contend with all manner of outsized personalities, from the crazed Uncle Ruckus to rapper Thugnificent and the biracial yuppie Dubois family--but the sharp wit and keen intelligence of Aaron McGruder's daily comics, on which the show is based, and the previous seasons have somehow gone missing. More often than not, what's in its place are missed opportunities or ham-fisted movie parodies ("The Fund-Raiser," which trots out the umpteenth nod to Scarface, and "Fried Chicken Flu," which envisions the apocalypse emerging from a free chicken giveaway) as well as a few unnecessary bits of homophobic humor ("A Date with the Booty Warrior" and "Pause," which falls flat in its attempt to poke fun at Tyler Perry). There are plenty of bright spots, most notably the season opener, "It's a Black President, Huey Freeman," which sees Werner Herzog document the Freemans' reaction to Barack Obama, and "The Story of Jimmy Rebel," in which Grandpa learns the awful truth about his favorite country singer. Otherwise, it's a mediocre season from start to finish, and one that can only be fixed by a serious overhaul or cancellation.

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    The Boondocks is also regularly broadcast on the Adult Swim channel.